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Carbide Slitter Knives

CMI offers a full range of solid carbide slitter, cut off and trimmer knives for slitting and side trimming of mild, silicon and galvanized steel as well as rotary tube and pipe cut off applications.

Our wide range of Cemented Carbide grades available for these products allows for application specific material choices for the highest levels of performance and longevity.

CMI has the capability to supply your knives in fully finished condition with matte, semi polished and mirror finishes as well as parallelism and flatness tolerances to meet the most stringent requirements.

With the capability to produce knives in diameters ranging from 1” to 23”, CMI can produce solid carbide slitter and cut off knives for any application currently using carbide as well as replacing tool steel knives where carbide was previously thought to be limited by size.

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